Why Now Is The Time To Buy A New Home

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Yes, this is not a revolutionary statement but unless you are not connected to any media source, we are reminded daily on how hot the real-estate market is in the Metro Vancouver area. What is it about now that makes the timing so ideal to purchase a brand new home? We share three ideas to why that is:


  1. Interest rates historically low

The Bank of Canada has maintained its interest rate at 0.5%. This can mean lower interest rates for mortgages which can lower the cost of borrowing. Be sure to speak to a mortgage broker to learn more about how this can benefit you.


  1. New BC Tax incentives

In the BC Budget Announcement this past February, purchasers of newly build homes can save on the Property Transfer Tax which means up to $13,000 in savings. Contact our sales team to find out how this may apply to you.


  1. Vancouver is one of the best places to live

We know that Vancouver is a world-class city with its long list of pristine natural surroundings, outstanding dining experiences, and its dynamic cultural scene. Recently, Vancouver was ranked as the top city in North America for cities that offer the best quality of life sitting at number 5 in the world.