With Ledingham McAllister You Get More

How do you know if you are choosing the right developer?
When they continually surprise you with more than you expected!

The developer always reserves the right to make changes to a project. It is a standard clause in any presale contract when you choose to buy a presale home. At Ledingham McAllister, however, our team prefers to refer to these changes as delivering more than people expect – because that’s what they always are.

We have the utmost respect for our homebuyers, and we are always willing go that extra mile to invest more time and more money on a home, even when it has already been purchased.

At Perspectives, for example, we replaced the terraced garden near the lobby doors with a stunning multi-tiered, salmon water feature designed by Coast Salish artist Jody Broomfield. We added to the landscaping as well, to give it more character, and ensure it reflected the rolling hills of the surrounding community.

Inside, the improvements continued. In the lobby, we added extra millwork and vein-cut marble around a sleek gas fireplace to create an entryway that is truly dramatic, while remaining cozy and inviting. Across the hall, Perspectives’ conference room was upgraded to a billiards library, complete with a wenge billiards table and a fully stocked lending library for our homeowners.

At Ledingham McAllister, we consistently surpass our homeowners’ expectations, and we are determined to keep it that way. There is nothing quite like the reaction of a homebuyer whose expectations have been completely blown away. We have especially loved seeing peoples’ reactions when they first walk into Perspectives.

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look at some of our upgrades at Perspectives and listen to what John O’Donnell, Senior VP of Development, and Manuela Mirecki, Senior VP of Marketing, have to say


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