The Meaning of Colours

Are you looking to decorate this holiday season? Do you not know where to start?

Choosing the right colours to introduce into your home, whether it be for the walls, furniture, or smaller décor items, can alter the entire feel of a room.

Jen Reviews has published an amazing guide on the meaning of different colours to help you create the perfect space.

Here are a few of our top colour picks to incorporate into your home over the holidays.


If you want to make a bold statement that will catch the attention of your guests, red is way to go! While this colour has many different meanings, some of the associations that perfectly embody the holiday season are warmth, love and excitement.


Bringing in hints of white are perfect for this time of the year as this colour is often associated with all things good such as purity, winter and innocence. However, too much white can result in a cold and empty ambience so finding the right balance is key!


Are you planning on going Christmas tree shopping or putting up a wreath on your front door? Green symbolizes nature and tranquillity while darker shades of this colour can also represent a sense of prestige!

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