The Enchanted Princess Kingdom at Saltaire

At Ledingham McAllister, we create communities for entire families. From our signature water features, public art, world-class landscaping, amenities and children’s play areas, our communities have something for everyone to enjoy.

We also know that a true home is about something bigger than a single residence. It’s about community. We build in carefully selected neighbourhoods that encourage conversation, relationship building and community events. It just so happens that one of our tenants at our Saltaire community shares this same outlook!

The popular (and delicious) neighbourhood bakery, Hillcrest, is hosting a Disney-themed event during the month of June. Every Tuesday, from 10:30 am-11 30 am characters from The Enchanted Princess Kingdom will be sharing stories and singing their favourite songs! Refreshments will also be provided for both adults and children.

This is a perfect opportunity to go on a family outing, explore the area and most importantly, keep the little ones happy

For more information, you can visit their Facebook page here.